воскресенье, 19 декабря 2010 г.

A description of an event. The opening of a new shopping centre.

When I was in Paris last winter on holidays, I decided to go to the centre of this big city. I walked there and suddenly I saw the new very big shopping centre! Of course, I couldn't lose so big chance. I wanted to see how so large shopping centres like that open in Paris!
It all started with a commencement meeting. The president of France cut the red ribbon in front of the shopping centre. After that, the doors of the new supermarket were opened for customers. The orchestra played very beautiful music. Only one day customers could buy all that they want at a discount of 80%. The people dressed in very beautiful Christmas costumes offered to costumers candys and cookies. This was really fun! There were many different stores! The perfumer's shop, the jeweller's shop, the watchmaker's shop, the shop of toys and etc - all was really amazing!
What I found really breathtaking was the jeweller's shop. I had never seen so big and colourful store. It was really like in my dreams! Here were antique jewellery. All of them were really amazing. There were also gold and silver goods. All shop was full of lights. I think it was the most expensive store in the all centre! I liked all jewellery from this shop.
All in all, it was the most memorable shopping in my life. I loved the atmosphere of the place and I think the organisation was just perfect.

воскресенье, 21 ноября 2010 г.

A Film Review. The Devil Wears Prada.

"The Devil Wears Prada" was directed by David Frankel. It had its first showing in Russia on 5th October 2006. This film stars Anne Hathaway as Andy Sachs, Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Stanley Tucci, Simon Baker and Adrian Grenier.
Andy Sachs is a naive young girl who moves to New York with her boyfriend in order to make her break in the world of journalism. However, it isn't as easy as she thought. Andy suffers some failures and thinks that her dream is not real. But suddenly he starts working as an assistant to the editor of one of the world’s biggest fashion magazines. Andy soon discovers that the job is really hard. She is disappointed with world of fashion. The plot continues and shows how Andy changes. Now she is another person. Andy wears fashion clothes and doesn't understand her old frieds and boyfriend. She lives in her new world and she likes it. In the end, she understands that her behaviour was really bad. She finds her right place in the world, makes peace with her friends and wins heart of her insensible boss.
I think that this film is very realistic. "The Devil Wears Prada" shows how difficult to work nowadays and to score a success. Most importantly, this film shows that first of all you should think about who you really are. It is a modern story with happy ending.

All things considered, it is a real masterpiece. "The Devil Wears Prada" makes you think. It speaks to people of all ages. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes interesting life stories.

четверг, 13 мая 2010 г.

The letter.

Dear Tom,
How are you? Very well, I hope... Did you see our photos? I sent them yesterday. My sister thinks that they are great!
Anyway, I'm writing to give you some advices about coming to our country! The weather here is really good at the moment. It is sunny and warm! But Estonian weather is very changeable, so I advise you to take a jacket! There are a lot of restaurants and cafes in our country. You can have dinner or breakfast there. I advise you to travel by bus or by tramm! You should buy a ticket! It is the cheapest way to travel!
I know that you have many questions. Ask me!
Well, I have to go now beacuse I didn't do my homework for tomorrow.
I am looking farward to hearing from you.

Lots of love,

вторник, 27 апреля 2010 г.

Homework. 28.04.2010. English language. Task 2.

(1) Scientists think that their ancestors were larger than
they are today.
1 F
(2) Their ancestors could probably fly. 2 T
(3) The biggest bird can run faster than most of its
enemies. 3 T
(4) Zebras stay near an ostrich because it will fight off
their enemies. 4 F
(5) The eggs of the ostrich are widely used for cooking. 5 NI
(6) The egg of the biggest bird is six to nine inches long. 6 T

7. C
8. H
9. F
10. A
11. J
12. B
13. I
14. D
15. G

Homework. English language. 28.04.2010. Task 1.

1. When were the panda babies born?
1. The panda babies were born in early August 2000.
2. How large are panda babies when born?
The born panda babies are amazingly small. Each cub weighs only about 3½ ounces (100 grams) at birth.
3. What are panda mothers like?
3. Panda mothers are very careful and protective.
4. How often do newborn pandas eat?
4. Newborn pandas eat about every two hours.
5. How does the panda mother carry her baby?
5. When sitting, the mother holds the tiny creature in her paw. When she is on
the move, she carries the baby gently in her mouth.
6. When do panda babies start to walk?
Panda babies start to walk when they are about three months old.
7. Why do pandas need strong teeth?
7. Pandas need strong teeth to eat bamboo.
8. When do pandas start to live on their own?
8. Pandas start to live on their own when they are about 18 months old.
9. Why have pandas little time to socialise?
9. Pandas have little time to socialise, because in the wild these slowmoving animals spend about 14 hours a day eating bamboo.

четверг, 22 апреля 2010 г.

понедельник, 19 апреля 2010 г.

"The lord of flies". Ending.

Ralph was shocked and tired. On the beach was one man who looked like naval officer. Ralph couldn't understand what happened. After that boys got to know that this man was traveling on the ship when the shipwreck happened. He didn't remember anything. The man's name was David. He was naval officer. David started to live on the island with the boys. He started to control the life on the island. All boys with David continued to light the fire. One day the plane what was flying over the island noticed their fire. All people were conveyed home. David found his wife. Some of the boys found their parents, but some of the boys didn't. They became to live in the children's home.

вторник, 13 апреля 2010 г.

Should students have a job while studying?

I want to speak about students and their jobs. I think that this topic is very popular for discussion because everyone has own opinion about it. On the one hand, I think that student shouldn't work, shouldn't have a job while studying. I think that it can disturb learning. Student who has a job doesn't have much spare time. He doesn't have time for relaxing. I think this is very bad. In my opinion students should rest. When you don't have time for rest, your head doesn't work good. But if you are person who has much time and does all very quickly you will have time to work. I think students like that can have a job and this is very good! I think that to have a job in this case is great because you will have your own money. You can spend that money on something helpful. To sum up, I think that students should think before to have a job while studying. They should revise their schedule. I think that this is great to have a part-time job on summer holidays!

понедельник, 12 апреля 2010 г.

Homework. 13.04.2010

A. for
B. at
C. in
D. on
E.by, on
F.on, at
G. on
H. to
I. in

Two examples (0) and (00) have been done for you.
– Tell me about (0)…the… country which is called (00) …─… Great Britain.
– It is (11) …an.. island in (12) ……the….. Atlantic Ocean next to
(13) …-….. Ireland.
– What do you know about (14) … - ….. London?
– It’s (15) ……a.. capital city of (16) …the.. United Kingdom. It is situated in
(17) …the….. southern part of (18) ……-.. England on (19) the….. river
Thames. It’s (20) ……a.. very old town.

четверг, 8 апреля 2010 г.

среда, 7 апреля 2010 г.

Homework. Task 2.

7. C
8. H
9. F
10. A
11. J
12. B
13. I
14. D
15. G

Homework. Task 1.

(1) Scientists think that their ancestors were larger than
they are today.
1 F
(2) Their ancestors could probably fly. 2 T
(3) The biggest bird can run faster than most of its
enemies. 3 T
(4) Zebras stay near an ostrich because it will fight off
their enemies. 4 F
(5) The eggs of the ostrich are widely used for cooking. 5 NI
(6) The egg of the biggest bird is six to nine inches long. 6 T

вторник, 30 марта 2010 г.

Homework. 30.03.2010. Task2.


Dear Kate,

Thank you for letter! Are you really film-fan? This is great because I am film-fan too! I like watching films.
Firstly, I want to speak about kinds of films. Generally, I watch films in the cinema. I like new films and when I want to watch some films I always go to the cinema. But I watch films at home too. My favourite films are horror films and adventure films. I think that they always have very interesting plot.
I like film called ' Step up-2'. This is so great film! Have you ever seen it? One year ago I liked dancing and this film was the best for me. All actors are great too!
I want to watch many films. One of them is coming next summer. It called 'Eclipse'. Have you heard about it?
I look forward to hear from you.
Lots of love,

Homework. 30.03.2010. TASK1.

Dear uncle Tom,
I am very fun that I was staying at you। Thank you! Do you want to come to me with your family next summer? I am inviting you!
Lots of love,

понедельник, 15 марта 2010 г.

My ideal school.

At the moment, I go to TKVG. TKVG is the school in the centre of our city. It is not very big school, but it is good for me. I like this school very much. In my opinion, every school has its minuses. In this composition I want to dream about school, which will be ideal for me.
I like that our school is in the centre of the city. I think that this is very comfortable. But my ideal school would have a little bit another structure. The first floor of school would be a big food store, where students would buy food, when they want. The second floor of the school would be the sports complex, which includes swimming pool, dance hall with mirrors and two big gyms. The third, forth and fifth floors would be for classrooms, where students would study. The sixth floor of my ideal school would have only classrooms with computers and other technology. The last floor of the school would be for school breaks. This floor would have bar, where students would buy hot chocolate, coffee and cacao; garden, where students would walk between lessons.
In my ideal school students wouldn't have homework. They would have short lessons (30 min) and the same breaks. Students would study subjects like psyhology, business lessons, driving lessons, sport lessons and other.
I understand that this is only my dream, but I would want that the same school would be in our city!

четверг, 11 марта 2010 г.

The homework. English language, Part 3.

Choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D) and write the letter in the blanks.
An example (0) has been done for you.
For the
(0) He’s exercising a lot ………A……………… than he used to.
A less
(1) …………… maths lesson we had yesterday was really useful.
A The
(2) Susan ……………… hear the speaker because the crowd was cheering so loudly.
B couldn’t
(3) My teacher lives ………………… 25 Line Road.
A in
(4) They never do ……………… homework.
C their
(5) It was so late that I ……………….. take a taxi.
D had to
(6) I’m not good ……………… mathematics.
D at

The homework. English language, Part 2.

(0) ‘Are your friends playing ball in the yard?’
Thomas asked me …… if my friends were playing ball in the yard. ………….

(1) ‘Why do you want the job?’

The interviewer asked me why I wanted the job.

(2) ‘Will Jim go to work tomorrow?’

Susan wanted to know if Jim would go to work next day.

(3) ‘Don’t clean the blackboard, children.’

The teacher asked children not to clean the blackboard.

(4) ‘We have eaten five apples.’

The children said that they had eaten five apples.

(5) ‘Turn off the radio, please.’

Mother asked Carol to turn off the radio.

(6) ‘Nancy bought the tickets.’

Peter said that Nancy had bought the tickets.

The homework. English language, Part 1.

(21) Were you working when I came in? Yes, ……… .
A. I was

(22) At 10 o’clock yesterday …………… hundreds 22…
of people outside.
D. there were

(23) Where …………. Mary standing? 23...
C. is

(24) James ………….. to play football tomorrow. 24…
A. is going

(25) Where …………… 25…
D. does Mary work?

(26) Have you been to the United States? 26...
Yes, I …………. in 1996.
B. went there

(27) I feel fine today because I ………… . 27…
C. went to bed early last night

(28) Next month ………….. seventeen. 28…
B. I will be

(29) When did you last ………….. Mr. Brown? 29…
D. meet

(30) Yesterday Sally ………… to me with a problem. 30…
A. came

суббота, 27 февраля 2010 г.

четверг, 25 февраля 2010 г.

What is philosophy?

When I was smaller I can't understand what philosophy is. When my mother was trying to explain me, I didn't understand. Only some ages later, when I started to think a lot, when I became older I understood what this word means. In my opinion philosophy is very interesting thing. I think that philosophy is science, which touches upon a lot of questions. For example, in my opinion question "What is love?" is philosophical question. I think, philosophy was born at that time, when people had a lot of questions, but couldn't find answers. I like to read some phrases what some famous philosophers say. This is very interesting to read what other people think about some questions, but don't have exact answers. In my opinion philosophy don't have some borders. Each person can think so, how it is in his opinion.

среда, 24 февраля 2010 г.

Задание 5. Медиа.

Ответы на вопросы.

1.Чем отличаются публичные лекции на канале от других публичных лекций, уроков в школе?
Я считаю, что публичные лекции на канале отличаются от других публичных лекций тем, что истории, которые рассказывают люди - реальные. Люди рассказывают о своей жизни, о самых различных случаях, ситуациях, с которыми они сами сталкивались. На примере этих историй очень интересно узнавать что-то новое для себя, делать выводы. Люди, читающие лекции, очень хотят поделиться своими мыслями, донести информацию до людей. Они рассказывают о глобальных проблемах, затрагивают глобальные вопросы.

2.Почему вы выбрали именно этот ролик, а не какой-то другой?

Меня очень заинтересовал этот ролик, ведь я сама изучаю английский язык. Мне было очень интересно слушать Джея Уокера. Его речь заставила меня задуматься над значимостью английского языка. Джей Уокер очень интересно излагает свои мысли.

3. Чем вам запомнилось/поразило выбранное вами публичное выступление в формате TED?

Выступление Джея Уокера длилось всего лишь 4 минуты. За такое короткое время он смог затронуть очень интересный для меня вопрос. Больше всего это выступление поразило меня фотографиями, а также информацией о том, как изучают английский язык в таких крупных странах, как Китае.

четверг, 18 февраля 2010 г.

Акроним. Экология.

Эрозия почвы
Окружающая среда
Общественный транспорт
Исчезновение животных
Ядовитые радиоактивные вещества

понедельник, 15 февраля 2010 г.

English language. Homework.

1. able - unable
2. accurate - inaccurate
3. active - inactive
4. agree -disagree
5. button - unbutton
6. comfortable - uncomfortable
7. convinient - inconvinient
8. credible - incredible
9. direct - indirect
10. experienced - inexperienced
11. fair - unfair
12. fold - unfold
13. formal - informal
14. fortunate - unfortunate
15. hear - mishear
16. like -dislike (unlike)
17. necessary - unnecessary
18. pack - unpack
19. patient - impatient
20.pleasant - unpleasant
21. possible - impossible
22. pronounce - mispronounce
23. spell - misspell
24. tolerant - intolerant
25. usual - unusual
26.willing - unwilling
27. just - unjust
28. kind - unkind
29. satisfactory - unsatisfactory
30. appropriate - inappropriate
31. sincere - insincere
32. legible - illegible
33. legal - illegal
34. literate - illiterate
35. regular -irregular
36. relevant - irrelevant
37. responsible -irresponsible
38. mature - immature
39. probable - improbable
40. moral - immoral
41. screw - unscrew
42. do - undo
43. tie - untie
44. appear -disappear
45. quality-unquality
46. understand - misunderstand
47. read - misread

пятница, 12 февраля 2010 г.

среда, 3 февраля 2010 г.

Медиа. Задание 4. Вопросы Валентине Лукащук.

1. Почему Вы захотели сниматься в этом сериале?
2. Нравится ли Вам Ваша героиня, если да, то чем?
3. Каковы плюсы и минусы сериала "Школа"?
4. Кто-нибудь из Ваших знакомых смотрит сериал "Школа"?
5. Сколько всего серий в сериале?
6. Сколько времени в день уходит на съёмки Вашей роли?

вторник, 2 февраля 2010 г.

My friend.

Ljuba and me.

I am going to describe my one good friend. Her name is Ljuba. She is 15 years old. Ljuba is studing in my form and she is sharing the same desk with me. I have known her one year and five months yet. She came to our form in last year. Then we were in 8B form. She became a very good friend for me. Ljuba has very beautiful thick brown hair and big brown eyes. She is of a medium height. She is good-looking girl with very beautiful figure. Ljuba likes music and dancing. She had been going to the ballet lessons 10 years! My friend is very cheerful, helpful, honest and sociable. I can talk with her all day and night long. Often we spend our spare time together.

среда, 27 января 2010 г.

Медиа2. Кластер.


Ключевые слова:

1." новые люди"
2. "школы будущего"

3. жизненные шансы

4. новый подход

5. современная система образования
6. иные требования
7. "открытые классы"

8. Интернет

9. важный навык письменных работ

10. высокий уровень интеллектуального развития учеников

How do I spend my free time.

Usually when I have spare time, I always do something what I want to do. I don't have some kind of action, what I do every time.
In my leisure time on weekdays I usually watch TV, play computer games, read books, do sports, do shopping or speak in the MSN or call to my friends.
At weekends I always walk a lot. Always on Saturday and Sunday I meet with my friends, go to the cinema, go to the shops, visit somebody or just walk.
I like my kind of spending own spare time, but I have 3 wishes. First of all, I want to search some favourite action, which I would like very much, for example, some kind of sport or music. Secondly, I would want more places for walking or having fun in our town and, thirdly, I would want to have more spare time.

четверг, 21 января 2010 г.

среда, 20 января 2010 г.

Домашнее задание.

1. http://www.stylebubble.typepad.com/
Название блога: Stylebubble
Тип блога: текстовый блог, фотоблог, видеоблог.
Блоггер от моды Susie Lau. Мне очень нравится оформление этого блога. Блог очень красиво и оригинально оформлен. Здесь я нашла много интересных фотографий. Познакомившись с этим блогом, мне захотелось купить что-нибудь новое из одежды.

Название блога:Popjustice
Тип блога: Текстовый блог, фотоблог, видеоблог.
На этом блоге выложены все музыкальные новости. Меня всегда интересовала музыка, поэтому все новости о музыке мне интересно читать. В этом блоге есть много интересной информации, а также фотографий и видео.

Название блога: Chez Pim
Тип блога: текстовый блог, фотоблог.
Этот сайт о еде. На нём очень много интересных рецептов. Впервые вижу такой сайт, где столько много информации о кулинарии, а также полезных советов. Этот сайт посещают в неделю 10 000 человек. Познакомившись с этим блогом, мне очень захотелось приготовить что-нибудь вкусное, несмотря на то, что готовить я не очень люблю. :р

четверг, 14 января 2010 г.

A letter.

Dear Editor,

I am writing to your newspaper, because I want to speak about some local needs for our region. There are many new houses in our region. Before in this area was a big glade. My family moved in one of this houses two months ago. I like our new flat very much. But our new place of abode has one big minus. We don't have roads nearly our house. It is very inconveniently! There are six new houses nearly! Almost all new houses have been moved into!

There are a lot of pensioners, children and other people, who don't have own car. We should go about 20 minutes to bus station. Many people arrive from the work tired and they should go 20 minutes to be at home! This is the forest nearly houses. There is a river too.

I ask for new roads in our region with some bus stations! People would walk in the forest more often and tenants of the houses will be satisfied.

I look forward to reading more articles about this issue in your newspaper.

Yours faithfully,

Nadezda Pupina