четверг, 8 сентября 2011 г.

Education in Estonia

Education in Estonia is in a quite high level. There are many schools and universities where students can get knowledge.

In our country educational system is divided into stages. We have primary school, secondary school and high school. After school ending you have a choice. It is time to choose where you will study further. You can go to university (to get higher education), college (to get professional education) and etc. In the university you have ability to get bachelor's degree, the degree of master and the degree of doctor. Majority of schools have subject-centered curriculum. The «subject-centered» model focuses on the content of the curriculum.

The most popular university in Estonia is University of Tartu. It is really popular around the world. This institution had finished many famous people.

Nowadays computers became the integral part of our everyday life. Because of it there are many new subjects in schools of Estonia connected with the work behind a computer.

Today Estonia has a problem. Many students do not want to stay here after school. There is a big percent of young people who migrate to other countries for studying in university and living. Because of it there are many events and advertisements which induce young people to continue studying in our country.

воскресенье, 8 мая 2011 г.

A letter of complaint.

78 Green Street,
London, NW12
May 8, 2011

Clothing Company,
17 Orchard Rise,
London, SW 12

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing to you about a jacket which I bought from "Clothing Zone" on 2 May for £75. I enclose copies of the guarantee and the receipt in the envelope.
In your advertising, you claim that this jacket is made from hardwearing fabric, the man can wear it through his life and the jacket will stay in a good condition. First of all, you say that the jacket is practical and stylish. The advert gave the impression that it is really good.
I have been wearing this jacket for two weeks. After that, I decided to wash it. After one wash my black jacket returned into grey. The jacket is badly made. The zip broke after four days. I thought that I am just careless with my clothes and put the new zip. But later I have understood that the main reason of it is the bad quality of product. What is going to happen next?
However, when I took the jacket back to the shop, the assistant said that it was my fault and I should be more careful with my things. He was also extremely rude. He said that I did not know how to wash clothes.
I would like to refund my money as soon as possible. Unless I get my money back, I will write to the Consumer Association.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,
Nadezda Pupina (Mrs)

воскресенье, 17 апреля 2011 г.

A discursive essay. Statement: "The only way to cut crime in our country is to make punishment more severe."

Almost in every country crime is a problem. In my opinion, in the country where I live, it is not the biggest issue, but all the same it is the problem for us too. In the last few years, crime has been going up. It is no wonder because the unemployment has risen. I think that the main reason of crime is a lack of money. The stealing and swindle are very common in our country.

In my opinion, we should make punishment more severe. It can be hard sentences or even death penalty.

Firstly, I want to list the arguments "against". For example, there are another ways to cut crime: fines, advertisments and something like that. They can help and make situation in our country better.
Now I want to list arguments "for". I think that ways like fines are not very effective. May be they will help, but the result will not be the same as we wanted. Criminals hope they will evade arrest. In my opinion, paying fine is very mild punishment. It will not stop them. Only hard sentences can help. In this way punishment will be like reform. A criminal will work very hard and long. Punishment should be so cruel that after it criminals would not want to think about crime.

All things considered, I think that severe punishment will help us to cut crime. But all the same the crime existed, exists and will exist in every country.

четверг, 3 марта 2011 г.

A formal letter.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to ask for more information about the "The Best tours" holiday. I am very interested in the deep-sea diving in the Indian Ocean. I have looked through the plan of tour and I would like to know some details.

Firstly, I would be grateful if you could tell me how much this tour costs. What does price of tour include? I will travel with friends and we have a group of seven people. Would you mind telling me if there are discounts for us.

Secondly, I have some questions about accommodation. Will we live in a hotel? I would prefer to share a room with my friend. So I would like you to reserve a double room provided that it has a modern shower, if possible.

Thirdly, you say the meals included in the price. Could you please tell me what kind of food we will eat. It is really important for me because I am an allergic person.

Something else I would like to know about baggage, clothes and language. Does baggage have any weight limit? Would you mind telling me what kind of clothes I should take. Should I take my own clothes for diving? Do guides speak English?

Finally, could you please tell me how safe health and accident insurance is. I would like to know that my safety can be guarateed.

I would be grateful if you could send me more details about equipment.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,
Nadezda Pupina

понедельник, 21 февраля 2011 г.

Why do or do not I like travelling?

In my opinion travelling has many pluses and only some minuses. In this essay I want to speak about all of them.

Firstly, I like tavelling very much. Some of my friends have got used to being abroad. And I understand them. If I were a millionaire I would travel all my free time. For me it absolutely does not matter where I go. The most important is just the fact that I am travelling. Of course, travelling has much more pluses. For example, if you travel, you will know some information about this country: culture of this place, traditions. It is very useful. I think it is absolutely two different things: to see the sights in the pictures or too see them live. Of course, travelling is kind of relaxation too. I just enjoy it. After good journey you feel a burst of energy. The one big plus of travelling is the meeting new interesting people.

Secondly, travelling has minuses too. But I think you can avoid them all. For example, you can dislike foreign food or in this country where you travel will be too hot climate for you. Because of that you can start feeling homesick. Sometimes it is uncomfortable to travel by bus or by car. Some people do not like travelling because of that. But all depends on you. For example, I like it.

To sum up, travelling is one of the best ways of spending your holidays and free time. Of course, it has more pluses than minuses.

среда, 2 февраля 2011 г.

Should cloning be banned?

Cloning is a very difficult process. It is a very popular subject of public debate. Many people have very different opinion about it. In this essay I want to say that I think about cloning. Should it be banned?

Firstly, I think cloning it is a very interesting process. For me it is very unusual and may be even something fantastic. But I think development of cloning further will bring nothing good. If many people had the same genetic code, in the world would be chaos. Many situations in our life would be very tangled because of having the same appearance like someone else. For example, many crimes would be almost insoluble because criminals could use the similarity of appearance. Some situations in our life would be not under control.

Secondly, cloning is very useful for medical purposes. It is great that our medicine reached the level of development like that. Cloning can be very necessary for development something in medicine. In my opinion, it is a very big plus.

Thirdly, I think cloning it is not good because each of us has own personality. I would not want to have a clone of me. In my opinion, it is not good when someone looks like you.

To sum up, cloning should not be banned. But I think it should have very strict borders of using.