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Story. Picture № 3.

Once upon a time was a boy. His name was John. He very loved sweets. On his 15th birthday he ate a lot of candies, cookies and cakes. After that he became pimply. It was found that he had an allergy to sweets. He was very mad. His doctor prescribed a treatment for him. Boy couldn't eat sweets for 3 months! There was very bad news for him. But John had strength of will. He didn't eat sweets and after 3 months of treatment he became healthy.For this reason he decided to organize holiday for himself. He ate a lot of sweets again. Now he is pimply. He doesn't eat sweets. He is sure that he won't eat sweets again anywhen.:)

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One woman asked her son to look after her kiosk. Boy agreed. His mum said: '' Remember, what on wrapper, this is in wrapper!'' When mother
came, boy has been eating for 20 minutes a lot of cookies.
He has been sitting with smile face and talking: ' What on wrapper, this is in wrapper''. On wrapper were bitten cookies.

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Надежда Пупина, 9б класс.
Статья 6.

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Horror story.

It was sunny warm summer day. I woke up at 7 a.m. The weather was really great. I decided to phone to my friends. At 3 p.m. I with my friends: Mary, Kate, John and Jack went to the forest for picnic.
We bought a lot of tasty food. We came to the forest. All day we walked in forest, picked berries and ate sausages. We didn't notice how the night came. It became dark very fast. It was very strange, because it was summer day. We decided to stay the night in the forest. John loved music and he always carried guitar. We sat around the fire and became to sing the songs. After that we became to eat sausages and to listen the radio. The man from radio station spoke about the day news. He said that in forest in our city is maniac. In a few hour's time we decided to come to sleep.
Mary noticed that she lost her mobile phone. She with John became to look for it. I, Kate and Jack went to sleep. Suddenly we heard a Mary crying. We remembered about news that we heard about maniac. It was terrible! I with Jack went in search of her. It was very dark.. We searched so long, but we didn't see Mary. Suddenly we heard snapping of twigs. I got a scare... Between trees was a light! After some minutes I understood it was Mary's mobile phone! After we became to look for Mary. Jack saw that someone lay on the grass. It was Mary... She was unconscious... When we brought her to senses she said that she didn't remember nothing. She looked for his phone, later someone struck her a blow..
Suddenly I woke up... It was 7 a.m. It was only a terrible slumber.

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Marley & me.

On the weekends I saw amazing film. It is called "Marley and me." This film is a dramedy film directed by David Frankel. Central heroes in this film are Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. They are fantastic. Hero of Owen Wilson is Grogan. Jennifer Aniston plays Grogan's wife. They are very beautiful and good actors.
This film is about Grogan and his family's life during the thirteen years. Their family lives in Florida. Grogan bought for his wife a dog. They named him Marley. Marley is uncontrolled dog. In the film Grogan said that Marley is the worst dog in the world, but all family loved him. There were a lot of interesting events with family and Marley. Unfortunately, finally dog dies. This film is with very sad end. In the end of this film is very sad, beautiful music. It great shows that heroes feel. Dialogues in this film are very nice too. The funniest scene (for me) is scene where family travels to Ireland, leaving the dog in the care of a young woman who finds him impossible to control.
It is very good film for me.