воскресенье, 19 декабря 2010 г.

A description of an event. The opening of a new shopping centre.

When I was in Paris last winter on holidays, I decided to go to the centre of this big city. I walked there and suddenly I saw the new very big shopping centre! Of course, I couldn't lose so big chance. I wanted to see how so large shopping centres like that open in Paris!
It all started with a commencement meeting. The president of France cut the red ribbon in front of the shopping centre. After that, the doors of the new supermarket were opened for customers. The orchestra played very beautiful music. Only one day customers could buy all that they want at a discount of 80%. The people dressed in very beautiful Christmas costumes offered to costumers candys and cookies. This was really fun! There were many different stores! The perfumer's shop, the jeweller's shop, the watchmaker's shop, the shop of toys and etc - all was really amazing!
What I found really breathtaking was the jeweller's shop. I had never seen so big and colourful store. It was really like in my dreams! Here were antique jewellery. All of them were really amazing. There were also gold and silver goods. All shop was full of lights. I think it was the most expensive store in the all centre! I liked all jewellery from this shop.
All in all, it was the most memorable shopping in my life. I loved the atmosphere of the place and I think the organisation was just perfect.

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