понедельник, 21 февраля 2011 г.

Why do or do not I like travelling?

In my opinion travelling has many pluses and only some minuses. In this essay I want to speak about all of them.

Firstly, I like tavelling very much. Some of my friends have got used to being abroad. And I understand them. If I were a millionaire I would travel all my free time. For me it absolutely does not matter where I go. The most important is just the fact that I am travelling. Of course, travelling has much more pluses. For example, if you travel, you will know some information about this country: culture of this place, traditions. It is very useful. I think it is absolutely two different things: to see the sights in the pictures or too see them live. Of course, travelling is kind of relaxation too. I just enjoy it. After good journey you feel a burst of energy. The one big plus of travelling is the meeting new interesting people.

Secondly, travelling has minuses too. But I think you can avoid them all. For example, you can dislike foreign food or in this country where you travel will be too hot climate for you. Because of that you can start feeling homesick. Sometimes it is uncomfortable to travel by bus or by car. Some people do not like travelling because of that. But all depends on you. For example, I like it.

To sum up, travelling is one of the best ways of spending your holidays and free time. Of course, it has more pluses than minuses.

среда, 2 февраля 2011 г.

Should cloning be banned?

Cloning is a very difficult process. It is a very popular subject of public debate. Many people have very different opinion about it. In this essay I want to say that I think about cloning. Should it be banned?

Firstly, I think cloning it is a very interesting process. For me it is very unusual and may be even something fantastic. But I think development of cloning further will bring nothing good. If many people had the same genetic code, in the world would be chaos. Many situations in our life would be very tangled because of having the same appearance like someone else. For example, many crimes would be almost insoluble because criminals could use the similarity of appearance. Some situations in our life would be not under control.

Secondly, cloning is very useful for medical purposes. It is great that our medicine reached the level of development like that. Cloning can be very necessary for development something in medicine. In my opinion, it is a very big plus.

Thirdly, I think cloning it is not good because each of us has own personality. I would not want to have a clone of me. In my opinion, it is not good when someone looks like you.

To sum up, cloning should not be banned. But I think it should have very strict borders of using.