понедельник, 15 марта 2010 г.

My ideal school.

At the moment, I go to TKVG. TKVG is the school in the centre of our city. It is not very big school, but it is good for me. I like this school very much. In my opinion, every school has its minuses. In this composition I want to dream about school, which will be ideal for me.
I like that our school is in the centre of the city. I think that this is very comfortable. But my ideal school would have a little bit another structure. The first floor of school would be a big food store, where students would buy food, when they want. The second floor of the school would be the sports complex, which includes swimming pool, dance hall with mirrors and two big gyms. The third, forth and fifth floors would be for classrooms, where students would study. The sixth floor of my ideal school would have only classrooms with computers and other technology. The last floor of the school would be for school breaks. This floor would have bar, where students would buy hot chocolate, coffee and cacao; garden, where students would walk between lessons.
In my ideal school students wouldn't have homework. They would have short lessons (30 min) and the same breaks. Students would study subjects like psyhology, business lessons, driving lessons, sport lessons and other.
I understand that this is only my dream, but I would want that the same school would be in our city!

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