вторник, 27 апреля 2010 г.

Homework. English language. 28.04.2010. Task 1.

1. When were the panda babies born?
1. The panda babies were born in early August 2000.
2. How large are panda babies when born?
The born panda babies are amazingly small. Each cub weighs only about 3½ ounces (100 grams) at birth.
3. What are panda mothers like?
3. Panda mothers are very careful and protective.
4. How often do newborn pandas eat?
4. Newborn pandas eat about every two hours.
5. How does the panda mother carry her baby?
5. When sitting, the mother holds the tiny creature in her paw. When she is on
the move, she carries the baby gently in her mouth.
6. When do panda babies start to walk?
Panda babies start to walk when they are about three months old.
7. Why do pandas need strong teeth?
7. Pandas need strong teeth to eat bamboo.
8. When do pandas start to live on their own?
8. Pandas start to live on their own when they are about 18 months old.
9. Why have pandas little time to socialise?
9. Pandas have little time to socialise, because in the wild these slowmoving animals spend about 14 hours a day eating bamboo.

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