вторник, 30 марта 2010 г.

Homework. 30.03.2010. Task2.


Dear Kate,

Thank you for letter! Are you really film-fan? This is great because I am film-fan too! I like watching films.
Firstly, I want to speak about kinds of films. Generally, I watch films in the cinema. I like new films and when I want to watch some films I always go to the cinema. But I watch films at home too. My favourite films are horror films and adventure films. I think that they always have very interesting plot.
I like film called ' Step up-2'. This is so great film! Have you ever seen it? One year ago I liked dancing and this film was the best for me. All actors are great too!
I want to watch many films. One of them is coming next summer. It called 'Eclipse'. Have you heard about it?
I look forward to hear from you.
Lots of love,

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