четверг, 8 сентября 2011 г.

Education in Estonia

Education in Estonia is in a quite high level. There are many schools and universities where students can get knowledge.

In our country educational system is divided into stages. We have primary school, secondary school and high school. After school ending you have a choice. It is time to choose where you will study further. You can go to university (to get higher education), college (to get professional education) and etc. In the university you have ability to get bachelor's degree, the degree of master and the degree of doctor. Majority of schools have subject-centered curriculum. The «subject-centered» model focuses on the content of the curriculum.

The most popular university in Estonia is University of Tartu. It is really popular around the world. This institution had finished many famous people.

Nowadays computers became the integral part of our everyday life. Because of it there are many new subjects in schools of Estonia connected with the work behind a computer.

Today Estonia has a problem. Many students do not want to stay here after school. There is a big percent of young people who migrate to other countries for studying in university and living. Because of it there are many events and advertisements which induce young people to continue studying in our country.

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