воскресенье, 17 апреля 2011 г.

A discursive essay. Statement: "The only way to cut crime in our country is to make punishment more severe."

Almost in every country crime is a problem. In my opinion, in the country where I live, it is not the biggest issue, but all the same it is the problem for us too. In the last few years, crime has been going up. It is no wonder because the unemployment has risen. I think that the main reason of crime is a lack of money. The stealing and swindle are very common in our country.

In my opinion, we should make punishment more severe. It can be hard sentences or even death penalty.

Firstly, I want to list the arguments "against". For example, there are another ways to cut crime: fines, advertisments and something like that. They can help and make situation in our country better.
Now I want to list arguments "for". I think that ways like fines are not very effective. May be they will help, but the result will not be the same as we wanted. Criminals hope they will evade arrest. In my opinion, paying fine is very mild punishment. It will not stop them. Only hard sentences can help. In this way punishment will be like reform. A criminal will work very hard and long. Punishment should be so cruel that after it criminals would not want to think about crime.

All things considered, I think that severe punishment will help us to cut crime. But all the same the crime existed, exists and will exist in every country.

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