среда, 25 ноября 2009 г.

A report.

To: the School Magazine
From: Nadezda Pupina
Date: 24.11.09
Subject: The local transport situation

Tallinn is a town in the north of Estonia. It is a capital of our country. The aim of this report is to examine the transport situation in our town.
There are several positive things.
a) We have good roads.
b) I like buses and trains in our town.
c) I like that bus station is next to our house. It is very comfortable for me. :)
d) We have many zebra crossings. I think that pedestrian areas are very important in traffic. We don't have many road accidents because we have quite many pedestrian areas.
e) Pensioners, children under seven years old and children from large families have free pass in our town.

However, there are many things which could be improved.
a) Although buses in our town are quite good, we would can have more comfortable transport.
b) Although we have quite few road accidents, it must be fewer. All drivers must to be attentive.
c) Although our town is capital of Estonia, Tallinn is very small town. I think we have many cars for our area. Air pollution is one of the biggest problems nowadays.
d) Sometimes there are some traffic jams in the center of our town.

To sum up, on the one hand we don't have many problems with traffic in our town. On the other hand, the local councils need to do some changes about traffic.

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