вторник, 10 ноября 2009 г.

If i were the Minister of Transport.

In my opinion, the minister of transport is very important person in our country. Many people use social transport like: trams, buses and trolleys. Almost every day I go to school by bus, so the problem of transport is important for me.
I don' t want to be the Minister of transport because I think that it is very difficult job.
You should control a work of all transportes in your country!
If I were the Minister of transport I would do a lot of changes.
1.I would do the free fare: for children, students, grown-ups and pensioners.
2.I would do more comfortable buses, trolleys and trams.
3.In all transport I would do special seats for pensioners and mothers with small children.
4.For all children and students I would do special school buses.
5.Some buses would go more often.
6.Many transports would work all night long.
When I dream about my future work, i don't think that I will be the Minister of Transport. I don't know it is really interesting or not.
May be it is cool when you can publish rules and all transports in your country will do as you say. But I think it is very responsible job.
Only clever person can work as Minister of Transport.

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