четверг, 19 ноября 2009 г.

Traffic problems in our country.

The 21st century is century of progress in technology. Nowadays in every country are a lot of cars, buses, planes, trains and other ways of travel. I think that this is big problem. Every day thousands of people drive by cars. We don't think about our nature! We pollute air driving by transport. In many big countries air pollution is one of the meanest problems. ( like Canada, Britain) Our country is quite small. The population of Estonia is small too, so we have many pluses in this part. Our air pollution is not so terrible. Probably, every family in our country has a car. Everyone must think about our health and nature! We must use our legs as much as possible. It is healthy. We must use public transport too. This way we can reduce car size.
We don't have big traffic cones. In my opinion this is very big plus. In many big countries this is really problem to get to work. One of the problems is accidents on the roads. In Estonia is not many accidents, but everyone must remember rules on the roads and drivers must be very attentive. I think we have guite few zebra crossing!
In my opinion our country don't have many problems in traffic. I think that we have good roads.

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