вторник, 8 декабря 2009 г.

The article about our school.

On Sunday our school celebrated the 86-th birthday. The history of our school is quite interesting. TKVG was opened in 1923. It was the first Russian school in our town. Before our school wasn't in the Kreitzwaldi street. It was in the streets like Narva highway, Karu and Pikk. At first ( in 20-30) only girls learned
the humanities and only boys learned real subjects in our school. There was a lot of hobby groups ( literary group, astronomic group, group of nature lovers and other). There are a lot of famous people learned in TKVG. The first directror was Gregory Barhov. Nowadays the head of our school is Sergey Teplov. He is the tenth directror.
There are many actions because shool's birthday. In Friday we had sport day. Today we went to the cathedral where was public liturgy for TKVG.
I think that we should be proud that we learn in TKVG. We should know the history of our school and respect it.

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