пятница, 2 октября 2009 г.

Marley & me.

On the weekends I saw amazing film. It is called "Marley and me." This film is a dramedy film directed by David Frankel. Central heroes in this film are Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. They are fantastic. Hero of Owen Wilson is Grogan. Jennifer Aniston plays Grogan's wife. They are very beautiful and good actors.
This film is about Grogan and his family's life during the thirteen years. Their family lives in Florida. Grogan bought for his wife a dog. They named him Marley. Marley is uncontrolled dog. In the film Grogan said that Marley is the worst dog in the world, but all family loved him. There were a lot of interesting events with family and Marley. Unfortunately, finally dog dies. This film is with very sad end. In the end of this film is very sad, beautiful music. It great shows that heroes feel. Dialogues in this film are very nice too. The funniest scene (for me) is scene where family travels to Ireland, leaving the dog in the care of a young woman who finds him impossible to control.
It is very good film for me.

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