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Life story.
One woman tells:
Around the turn of the century were years of my youth. There were best years of my life: full of love, positive. Our family didn't have much money, therefore we lived in crowded flat. I lived with my mother, father, sister and two brothers. There were difficult years for us. My father was great tailor, but company where he worked bankrupted. We didn' t have rich relations, all our relations were poor. We helped for each other. Our family was very friendly, therefore we did all together.
Once I walked in the park alone. I sat on the bench. On the bench was beautiful book. Someone forgot it. I opened this book. It was about variety shows. I always dreamed to go to variety show, but I didn't have money. I studied in the university. I didn't have part-time job. My mother and father had few money. They were only for clothes and food. I liked candy, but I didn't have pocket money and I couldn't to buy them. Therefore variety show stayed only my dream. In the end of the book was owner's name and phone. I decided to phone to owner. It was found that owner of this book was man. He offered to meet with me in the restaurant where I will return book.
I came to restaurant. I didn' think that I will eat something. I didn't have money. I met with owner of the book. It was young man. He was very beautiful. We didn' t eat in restaurant, only spoke. I thought that he didn' t have money too. He was very interesting man. I gave my phone to him. After that we became to walk with him every evening. He was amazing. I liked him very much. Once he invited me to a meeting. I came to restaurant. He led me somewhere. We came to variety show. He paid for me. The show was amazing! Appeared, that he is very rich man and he organised all variety shows! After show we went to the park. There he said to me that he loves me.
Later we married.

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